Bet anytime and anywhere via the mobile phone

Long time the bets could not do without the help of the betting shop around the corner or the home computer. In the age of smart phones, it is now also possible to bet anytime and anywhere via the mobile phone. The only prerequisites are a working Internet connection and a suitable application.

Fun for the Road

As the majority of “normal” bookmaker for some time also the betting exchange Betfair to such so-called app, there being specific for the different smartphone versions. Thus, Betfair applications for both Apple devices with the operating system iOS, such as iPhone or iPad as also available for Android, BlackBerry and many other mobile phones. Every owner of a modern smartphone should therefore have the opportunity to give its mobile betting on Betfair.

The installation is well supported

To install the Betfair app, simply in the browser of your smartphone or you can ask the tablet PC, as also to enter and navigate to the website of Betfair. There is then automatically adjusts for your own device page displayed and the corresponding application can be downloaded in seconds, which also should be for less technically versed bettors a big problem.

If the application is installed, you can get started immediately. Once you have logged in with your username and password, the world of sports betting is on the move and without any restrictions are available. All events and markets, which are available online on the betting exchange, are also on the Betfair betting app for selection. This also includes the so-called in-play markets including numerous opportunities to live betting.Disadvantages caused by the Betfair app no. Download, install and use the application are completely free and you pay only the costs incurred for the mobile internet. Who has a flat rate can therefore neglect this point safely.

The best bookmakers for sports betting

Bet365 is a serious and reliable bookmaker, founded in 1974 in Britain. Meanwhile, 2,000 employees work for the company. In 2012 was the bookmaker licensed by the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Thus state in Germany controlled the betting is simply huge; you will find all the bets. The same applies to the live betting section, this is also enormous Even the odds are among the highest in the market, so you automatically win more than elsewhere.

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