Tennis Betting 2013

Here is some useful information for the Challenger tournaments, where participate semi-professionals, on both small and large tournaments on the tour ATP-/WTA up to the Masters. There are countless events can be found on the game calendar in the tennis world. The highlights are certainly takes the four major Grand Slam tournaments. These are also the most interesting for the prediction for the full year.Right at the beginning of the year in January following the Australian Open held in Melbourne and will be played on hard court.

In May / June it is then in Paris at the French Open on clay.Then it comes with a brief interruption, from one to two smaller tournaments, on the tour to London. Here you fight on the grass of Wimbledon to the most sought-after of the four Grand Slam titles. The conclusion makes New York, where the U.S. Open held on hard court.The big season finale then is on the World Tour Finals, the Tennis Masters.

These five events are the biggest tournaments of the tennis year and they are therefore not only the main program of the players, but also they are important for the prediction.The Specials, which occur in the smaller tournaments, are basically the following: It can be typed on the exact outcome of the game, as this option is called Set bet. Additionally, you can leave the tip, whether in the game is a tiebreak.

It also can be typed on the total number of games. The bookmaker is here a certain number of game and the prediction can then assess whether the space provided below is not exceeded. More than “standard bet” for small tournaments, players Handicap bet is offered. Here is necessary to consider whether a player wins the match with a certain number of games ahead or not.

Therefore, it has basically the special bets, you basically any game that can tap a small or large event. If it comes to a big tournament, you can still find some special bets more in the program: “number of aces,„number of double faults “,” Player A wins at least one sentence. These are just some examples. Every bookmaker offers tennis betting. Yet if we take on many special and exceptional value bets, you should contact the major bookmakers such as Bwin or Bet365.